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Antonov AN-225 Aircraft Keychain

Antonov AN-225 Aircraft Keychain

SKU: 1177

The Antonov AN-225 was a peaceful research plane, built to transport the Soviet Union's larger space program projects - after their dissolution, it fell to Ukraine because that was its home and where it was engineered and built. It was the single largest aircraft on earth, and it was one of a kind, before it was tragically destroyed in the conflict with neighboring Russia.


Show your support and raise awareness of this glorious aircraft with this keychain, showcasing the aircraft itself, its designation, and the Antonov logo, and it's affectionate nickname, "dream", all in a thin layer of pure gold, over a sturdy fiberglass base, with a stainless steel 1" split key ring included. Vadien LLC has already, and will continue, to donate to the Ukraine


Note: this may not be the most rugged keychain because of its fine detail! If you're particularly hard on your keys, this may not be a good fit for everyday use. Also, this keychain is created from new materials, and does not feature any of the aircraft itself.

Feel free to contact us about custom keychain designs! If we think there's a market, we'll design them for no extra charge and list them alongside.

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