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ATTiny Programming Adapter

ATTiny Programming Adapter

A simple, pin-to-pin adapter to allow the ubiquitous USB ASP programmer to directly program ATTiny family chips (specifically, ATTiny13, 25, 45, 24, 44, and 84). This allows you to program in place using either AVR tools or Arduino studio, then remove and replace the IC onto your own project. Available with or without a USB ASP, as some of you may already have one.


  • How To Use With Arduino Studio

    1. Make sure you have drivers for the USB ASP. Signed drivers are available here.
    2. In Arduino studio, go to File > Preferences, and look for the text box labelled "Additional Board Manager URLs". Manually enter the text "" exactly as shown. Credit to David A. Mellis for maintaining this on Github!
    3. Once that's enterred, go to Tools > Board >Boards Manager. Search via the textbox above for "attiny", and a package associated with the link above will be shown. Install it!
    4. Now, in the Tools menu, simply set your programmer to "USBasp", and make sure the rest of your board/processor/clock settings are correct for your ICs of choice, and you're ready to go! Note: While using the USB ASP, it is not necessary to set a COM port.
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