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Recycled Pewter Shot

Recycled Pewter Shot

Pewter is a versatile alloy of predominantly tin dating back as far as ancient Egypt and Rome, used for all manor of dining utensiles, food and beverage storage, and decorative items. Also makes a splendid sample for tin in any element collection!


It has a lot of appeal to a DIYer because of its extremely low toxicity, good mould filling characteristics, and very low melting point, only around 170-230°C (340-450°F). Because of this low temperature, it can be cast directly into silicone and some other rubber moulds for small production runs of mechanical parts or figurines.


Important disclaimers! Melting metal is ALWAYS dangerous, and poses a lot of health risks, from burn damage, to tiny splatters or steam explosions. Don't do so near flammable materials (e.g. my childhood kitchen table, apparently) or without safety equipment! Also, these pellets can be quite pointy - the shapes are the natural result of being cast directly into water. We recommend against handling it with bares hands as much as possible.

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